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Vehicle management

Lagertechnik Müller & Partner GmbH


Monitoring of forklift vehicles at warehouses. Do you incur high bills for repairing damage due to impact?

Would it not be more practical to replace ignition keys with an electronic system?

  • BitKey is an electronic ignition lock
  • BitKey enables the ignition only for authorized drivers
  • BitKey keeps a record of every login and logout
  • BitKey can be adapted to your access control system
  • BitKey can be programmed and evaluated easily
  • BitKey is available optionally with a shock sensor


  • Adaptation to standard access control systems, i.e. existent ID elements can be used (presently compatible: Sokymat, LEGIC; other systems implementable on request
  • Data exchange via a hand-held unit (similar to remote control), so that a PC is not needed in the vehicle's proximity
  • several vehicles can be processed successively without a need for visiting the PC each time (infrared design)

Variant with wireless modules

  • Fully automatic data exchange, avoidance of mutual interference with WLAN (in preparation)
  • Data exchange via a GSM module (in preparation)
  • Mechanically and electrically robust designs (metal housing, sealed electronics, wide input voltage range)
  • Modular structure; special variants, e.g. with additional outputs, are possible
  • Bi-directional data transfer
  • Database containing driver information, vehicle details and IDs
  • Monitoring of accident prevention test results
  • Cost administration for each vehicle
  • Repair control
  • Log memory: Data can be sorted and viewed selectively to permit quick localization of relevant entrie