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Personal Protection Systems – Stationary

A stationary personal protection system for warehouse lanes according to DIN 15185 Part 2.


PSA 090 Economy is a stationary personal protection system installable at the entrance to any narrow warehouse lane.

Persons and vehicles are identified by separate, optical sensors. These dedicated sensors make it possible to ascertain a lane's status in terms of occupancy by persons and vehicles. In the normal operating mode, lanes may only be travelled by vehicles, not pedestrians.

In the "Person" operating mode, however, lanes may be travelled by pedestrians, and a presence of a vehicle triggers an alarm

Active column:

Active column comprising an infrared light barrier made of an aluminium profile in RAL 1021. Manufactured by Sick. 24 V DC, range of up to 4 m, mounted at heights of 400 mm and 900 mm. The light barriers are testable. A key switch on the column can be used to change betweenthe „Vehicle” and „Person” operating modes.

The column is furnished with a set of dual traffic lights indicating:

  • Green: Vehicles allowed!
  • Red: No access for persons or vehicles
  • Blue: Attempts at impermissible access trigger an optical and acoustic alarm.

Passive column:

The passive column is furnished with two reflectors permitting a deflection of the infrared beam at two different heights.

Vehicle identification:

The vehicle identifier comprising a 180°, wide-angle infrared receiver is mounted on top of the rack. Its salient feature is the ability to register the number of vehicles entering and exiting the lane. The vehicle transmitter comprising a 180°, wide-angle infrared sender is mounted on the vehicle's mast. Various vehicle parameters can be set here.